In 1979 a small group of forward-thinking individuals realized the need to advance the evolving practice of clinical pharmacy. These charter members founded ACCP to meet this need and thereby laid the foundation for an organization that now serves nearly 10,000 clinical pharmacists.

Today, clinical pharmacists work in virtually every health care practice setting, dispelling the long-held belief that clinical pharmacy resides only in academic and tertiary care institutions. ACCP is an organization designed to meet your professional needs as the practice of clinical pharmacy continues to evolve.

From its inception, ACCP has championed the advancement of clinical pharmacy. ACCP promotes leadership, professional development, research opportunities, and advocacy to support important issues facing the profession. With a diverse membership that spans all practice settings, ACCP is the leading organization in clinical pharmacy.

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ACCP is enhancing the practice of clinical pharmacy and improving the lives of the patients we serve. We invite you to learn more about us and discover how you can benefit by joining ACCP.

Member Demographics
  • 78% have a Pharm.D. degree
  • Of these individuals, 80% have completed additional residency or fellowship training
  • 45% are board certified in a BPS-recognized specialty
  • 16% are in a pharmacy degree or training program