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Associate Director Clinical Pharmacy
Based on Experience
Clinical Administration/Directors
Rochester, NY
Position Description
Responsibilities include development and maintenance of pharmaceutical care based program including all aspects of drug therapy with the ultimate goal being the achievement of optimal clinical outcomes associated with disease, as well as achieving the best pharmacoeconomic course of therapy for all patients.
- Pharm.D. degree preferably with a residence or fellowship training, or equivalent experience
- Five (5) years of clinical experience in a hospital setting, management experience a plus
- Maintain the necessary level of professional knowledge and technical proficiency in areas of functional responsibility, including maintaining state required continuing education.
- Works collaboratively with physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals and staff within the hospital to identify strategic clinical pharmacy initiatives related to medication safety and drug utilization, and clinical quality.
- Reviews Joint Commission and all State and Federal regulations regarding acceptable standards of practice and appropriate compliance in relation to these governing bodies.
- Coordinate the clinical representation of the Pharmacy Department on various hospital committees as required.
- Maintains Clerkship/Residency program with pharmacy schools.
Policy and Procedure:
- Responsible for working with Pharmacy Leadership to develop and update policies and procedures as they relate to pharmacy operations insuring compliance with all regulatory and quality agencies.
Human Resources:
- Participates in all departmental interviewing and provides feedback regarding a prospective employee prior to decision to hire.
- Participates in performance reviews
Staff Development:
- Facilitates orientation and training of all Clinical Pharmacy staff.
- Mentors staff, along with Leadership, at all levels within the pharmacy to improve themselves and their personal goals.
- Supervises all aspects of the clinical pharmacy program including other pharmacists functioning in a clinical capacity. Evaluates the progress of the clinical program and the performance of the clinical pharmacists.
Contact Information

Doug Hosie
Rochester General Hospital
1425 Portland Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
Telephone: 585-922-5728
Fax: 585-922-3730
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