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Lung Transplant Clinical Pharmacist
Based on Experience
Clinical Pharmacy Practitioner
Maywood, IL
Position Description
I. Position Summary:

Clinical pharmacists provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to designated service areas or patient populations to achieve optimal patient outcomes and safety. They function as members of multidisciplinary teams to improve medication therapy management. These positions act as drug information resources and their responsibilities include age-specific and/or disease specific consultative medication therapy evaluation, education, research and participation in quality improvement activities. This is a position will rotate with a second lung transplant clinical pharmacist between inpatient and outpatient lung transplant settings.

II. Position Responsibilities:

(A) Participate as a member of the multidisciplinary team to maximize safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness of drug therapy. 1) Promote the development of critical thinking skills used to create a pharmacotherapeutic plan. 2) Collect and evaluate diagnostic, laboratory, interventional and pharmacotherapeutic data for each patient and apply it to pharmacotherapy decision-making. 3) Assess each medication for appropriate indication, dose, route, side effects and necessary monitoring parameters. Identify any drug related problems and develop management strategies. 4) Provide pharmacotherapy recommendations to optimize patient care. 5) Assist in the identification, evaluation and reporting of adverse drug events. 6) Provide pharmacokinetic consultations. 7) Interview patients to obtain a complete pharmacotherapy history, including verifying and documenting drug allergies. 8) Assist in identifying patient-provided or other medication not provided by the institution. 9) Document interventions made so that trends and issues can be evaluated. 10) Follow-up on outpatient issues, as appropriate.

(B) Serve as an expert drug information resource for patients, their families, physicians, nurses and other healthcare personnel to improve their knowledge base and understanding regarding pharmaceutical products, their actions and appropriate use in the age-specific populations designated. 1) Provide timely and accurate information and education to patients, their families and medical staff. 2) Participate in continuing education programs to maintain up to date skills and knowledge and maintain licensure. 3) Provide in services and/or formal lectures for Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Staff to improve and maintain critical skills. 4) Assist in the development of drug monographs for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, if pertinent to the area.

(C) Act as a liaison for the Pharmacy Department to optimize patient care, improve efficiency and provide cost-effective pharmaceutical care. 1) Assist service area with appropriate medication evaluation and promotion of safe, effective and cost-conscious drug therapy. 2) Effectively communicate (written and verbal) with all members of the healthcare team, patients and their families. 3) Participate in protocol development to assist in streamlining drug therapy, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine. 4) Communicate with service area regarding issues of drug procurement and develop alternative strategies in times of shortage. 5) Participate as members of hospital committees charged with service area and pharmacy issues. 6) Act as pharmacy liaison for appropriate training initiatives.

(D) Develop and implement new clinical pharmacy services to provide high quality medical care while minimizing cost. 1) Evaluate implemented drug therapies for safety, efficacy, adherence, monetary impact and objective attainment through Medication Usage Evaluations and present results to the appropriate committees. 2) Develop strategies to accomplish short and long-term goals set by the institution, service area and pharmacy department. 3) Participate in Quality Improvement activities of the institution, service area and pharmacy department.

(E) Act as a preceptor for pharmacy students and/or residents and provide a comprehensive educational experience. 1) Provide students/residents from affiliated colleges of pharmacy and education experience that facilitates pharmacotherapeutic understanding and development of critical thinking skills in their service area. 2) Evaluate performance throughout the rotations based on participation on rounds, preceptor discussions, projects and presentation. 3) Attend university-sponsored preceptor training sessions, as required.

(F) Participate in institutional research to enhance the pharmaceutical care of patients. 1)Develop, evaluate or participate in medical center research in the designated service area. 2) Participate in professional organizations, meetings, and/or interest groups to maintain knowledge and awareness of research in the designated area. 3) Perform medication order verification in service area as assigned.

III. Position Requirements:

Minimum Education: Required: Bachelors Degree Preferred: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Specify Degree(s): Pharmacy Residency: Pharmacy Practice - General (Preferred), Residency - Specialty(Preferred)

Minimum Experience: Required: 1-2 years of previous job-related experience Preferred: 3-5 years of previous job-related experience

Additional details and application at
Contact Information

Elisabeth Donahey, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
Loyola University Medical Center
Maywood, IL 60607
Telephone: 7082161183
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