American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Special ACCP 40th Anniversary Session: "ACCP's First 40 Years: Aspirations Realized?" and "ACCP's Next 40 Years: What Lies Ahead?"

Sunday, October 27, 2019 from 2:15 PM to 4:15 PM EDT at 3rd Floor: Trianon Ballroom

All Annual Meeting attendees are encouraged to attend.
ACCP’s First 40 Years: Aspirations Realized?
2:15 PM

Moderator: Robert M. Elenbaas

Participants (in order of presentation): Kim Kelly, Dorothy Smith, Peter Vlasses, Dennis Helling

This segment will focus on what four Founding Members envisioned the College’s future to be in 1979. Moderated by ACCP Executive Director Emeritus Bob Elenbaas, each Founder will provide a 10-minute presentation recounting his/her respective vision at the time the College was founded, versus the reality of today’s ACCP. The session will conclude with a 10-minute question and answer session.

ACCP’s Next 40 Years: What Lies Ahead?
3:15 PM

Moderator: Curtis E. Haas

Participants: Barbara Zarowitz and Julie A. Johnson

For this special session, the 2019 Presidential Task identified two key themes that will significantly affect clinical pharmacy practice, research and education in the coming decades:

1. Digitalization of healthcare delivery and education

2. The shift from small-molecule pharmacotherapy towards biologic, cell-based, gene-based, and precision medicine.

In keeping with ACCP’s commitment to challenge the status quo, state our beliefs, and act on them, speakers will present lively (and occasionally socially provocative) perspectives examining the changes that will be needed to evolve practice, research and education to remain relevant in the future.