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ACCP Responds to CDC and ACIP on COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendation in Children 6 Months and Up

June 21, 2022

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy joins the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) in applauding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) committee for recommending both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for children of ages 6 months and up.

Representatives from the ACCP Pediatric PRN and the PPA Immunizations Committee developed the written comment to the ACIP Notice of Meeting (June 17 and 18) on behalf of their respective organizations. We thank these authors for their diligent and timely contributions: Lea S. Eiland, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCPPS, FASHP, FPPA; Jennifer Girotto, Pharm.D., BCPPS, BCIDP; Amanda Cavness, Pharm.D., BCPPS; Tracy M. Hagemann, Pharm.D., FCCP, FPPA; and Kathy Pham, Pharm.D., BCPPS, FPPA.

In the written comment, both ACCP and PPA encourage the CDC to provide resources to help clinicians engage with parents and caregivers to address their concerns on vaccines. The letter also highlights our members’ clinical experience and expertise in vaccine advocacy, and we ask for future opportunities to remain engaged in our nation’s efforts to build vaccine confidence for young children.

Read the letter submitted to the CDC in full here.


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