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Pharmacotherapy’s Impact Factor Increased to 6.251!

June 28, 2022

Impact factors are published each year by Clarivate Analytics, a company providing multiple products relating to scientific research insights. The impact factor (IF) reflects a journal’s performance and status through a record of how often its articles are cited in other biomedical journals. The release of IF data is eagerly awaited each year by publishers and editorial teams. The data released June 28 ranked journals in terms of citations during 2021 of articles published during 2019 and 2020.   

The IF for Pharmacotherapy has increased to 6.251. The increase from last year’s value of 4.705 is unprecedented and an all-time high. This increase can be put into a different perspective by understanding how Pharmacotherapy is ranked within its designated journal category, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Last year, Pharmacotherapy ranked 75th out of 275 journals. This year, Pharmacotherapy improved to a ranking of 44th out of 279 journals, placing Pharmacotherapy well into the top quartile of pharmacology journals.    

Although the use of IF data as the sole measure of journal quality has been widely criticized, it remains a vital measure in biomedical publishing of the impact of a journal on its field. The journal’s citation metrics alongside data on downloads, international readership, and comparisons to other journals are all measures of the journal’s success.

The publication of Pharmacotherapy is made possible through the combined effort of many individuals; including publication staff, editors, editorial board members, reviewers, and others. Most important are the authors who choose to submit their best work to the journal. 


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