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From the Desk of the ACCP President

July 05, 2022
Leigh Ann Ross, Pharm.D., FCCP, FASHP, FAPhA, FNAP, BCPS

Reflecting on Courage and Determination

It is that time of year when many celebrate the Fourth of July holiday – this year marking America’s 246th birthday. This holiday provides a welcome break in the “heat of summer” to be with family and friends – to cool off in the pool or at the beach, have a picnic or barbeque, join a patriotic parade, or watch a spectacular fireworks display. While making last-minute preparations for this fun-filled weekend, I was reminded to pause and reflect on the history of Independence Day and express appreciation for the many individuals whose courage and determination led to our nation’s birth.

The day we celebrate as Independence Day did not happen overnight. It required significant vision, planning, and commitment. What lessons can be learned from the preparation that led to the breakthrough of independence? Individuals were willing to dream of what could be and developed a vision for the future. They believed strongly in their cause and garnered support from others. And they courageously pursued actions to achieve this reality. Although the Declaration of Independence was approved in 1776, it was another 6 years before independence was realized. However, despite the many obstacles and challenging years in moving toward this day that we now celebrate on July 4, those before us remained resilient and steadfast in their pursuit of independence.

I have mentioned in a previous column that ACCP’s recent strategic planning and Board of Regents development have focused on principles in Jim Collins’ Good to Great and the concept that significant transformations happen not from one action, but from a process that resembles pushing a heavy flywheel so that momentum builds to a point of breakthrough. The slow but steady process pursued by those responsible for our country’s independence seems a prime example of this concept and evidence of its success. I am proud to be part of an organization that is willing to dream big, seek innovative ideas, hold fast to core values, plan thoughtfully, and pursue initiatives through dedicated action. Whether providing education or professional development opportunities, leading comprehensive medication management implementation, supporting clinical pharmacists in all practice settings, fostering leadership development for members, or advocating for important policy initiatives, ACCP is building the momentum to advance our profession. It is an honor to serve each of you as we, with courage and determination, work to drive positive changes in health care by developing, positioning, and advancing clinical pharmacists to optimally care for the patients we serve.


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