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From the Desk of the ACCP President

May 02, 2023
Elizabeth Farrington, Pharm.D., FCCP, FCCM, FPPA, BCPS, BCNSP, BCPPS


Springing Ahead

March Madness and April have passed, and we have now fully entered the spring season. Spring is the time of year we make lists of what needs to be done around the house and begin spring cleaning. For ACCP members, this should be the time you make a list of the process improvement projects you’ve completed that need to be published; data collection that needs to be done that would be a good experience for a resident or student; and the research projects, quality improvement projects, or medication use evaluations you would like to complete in the coming year, together with a plan of how to get these accomplished. Do you want to build an order set in your computerized order entry system to improve patient care and minimize medication errors? Do you want to partner with community pharmacists to optimize patient transitions back home from the hospital? If so, identify those partners and reach out to set up a meeting to decide how you can work together to improve patient outcomes.

Another important spring activity you can complete is the annual ACCP Issues Survey. This survey is critical to the work of the College. The themes that arise from the survey’s responses will determine many of the charges for the 2024 committees and task forces. President-Elect Brian Hemstreet looks forward to learning your suggestions and concerns. These responses may also influence the development of his 2024 presidential theme.

Lastly, I am asking all ACCP members to do some “spring cleaning” of their member profile. To make the most of your membership, it is essential to keep your ACCP membership profile up to date. This not only ensures you receive all relevant communications tailored to your interests and needs, but also enables you to engage with the organization more actively. The ACCP membership profile is divided into the following segments:

  • Sign-in Information. Keeping your sign-in information updated is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your account. By updating your email address, password, and security question/answer, you can safeguard your membership against unauthorized access, ensuring your personal and professional information remain protected.
  • Contact Information. Updating your contact information, including your name, employer, and mailing address, allows ACCP to better serve you by sending communications about relevant resources, events, and opportunities directly to your inbox. Plus, it enables your peers to find and connect with you, promoting collaboration and networking within the ACCP community.
  • Demographics. Supplying demographic information, such as your ethnicity/race/origin, gender identity, and personal pronouns, helps ACCP promote inclusivity and diversity within the organization. By understanding the unique perspectives of our members, we can better tailor our initiatives, events, and educational resources to serve the needs of all members.
  • Education/Training Information. Keeping your education and training information updated enables ACCP to provide you with customized professional development resources that align with your career stage and goals. By sharing your pharmacy school/college and postgraduate training information, you will receive information about opportunities that address your specific interests and expertise.
  • Licensure/Certification Information. Updating your licensure and certification information allows ACCP to recognize your accomplishments and connect you with other professionals who hold similar credentials. Plus, it ensures that you receive relevant updates and resources related to your NABP e-Profile ID and BPS certification. Remember to include both your BPS ID and credential numbers for each BPS specialty certification you hold, supporting your continued professional growth and development.
  • Practice/Interest Areas. By keeping your practice and interest areas updated, you can unlock a wealth of tailored content and networking opportunities. ACCP can then recommend events, webinars, and resources that directly align with your primary job functions, practice setting, and areas of interest, ensuring you get the most out of your membership.
  • Communication/Privacy Options. Customizing your communication and privacy options allows you to choose the types of email notifications you receive from ACCP. By selecting your preferences, you can stay informed about the topics and events that matter the most to you, without being overwhelmed with unwanted emails.

Your ACCP membership profile is a valuable resource that helps you make the most of your professional journey. Keep your information up to date so you will be able to take full advantage of volunteer activities that arise throughout the year.

In closing, as you spring ahead toward summer and fall, I encourage you to take stock in these various “spring cleaning” steps – they will serve you well as you move forward on your pathway to continuous professional development.


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