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ACCP Members Invited to Participate in NCICLE Teaming Resources Challenge

May 04, 2023

ACCP invites you to participate in a new initiative from the National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment (NCICLE) to promote interprofessional learning in experiential education and the creation of high-performing teams. NCICLE is asking each of its 41 health care professional organizations and their members to review the pathways and properties in the Teaming area of the NCICLE Pathways to Excellence document and submit tools and resources from their practice site to be shared among the organizations. Submissions must be linked to one of the Teaming pathways or properties found on pages 15-16 of the document. Resources may be examples of team-building exercises, interprofessional orientation or training for learners and trainees, as well as patient safety and quality improvement activities involving multiple disciplines within the CLE. Projects aimed to increase patient and caregiver engagement as part of the health care team are particularly important to submit. The resources do not need to have been published in the medical literature. Please utilize the Resource Submission Tool to submit one or more resources by August 31, 2023.

NCICLE is seeking to expand use of in clinical learning environments (CLEs) by providing tools and resources that focus on how users can operationalize the pathways and properties within the NCICLE Pathways to Excellence. Teaming was selected as the focus for 2023. The concept of teaming recognizes the dynamic and fluid nature of individuals coming together to form a health care team which necessitates on-going learning, cooperation, and adaption among team members. The NCICLE Teaming Resources Challenge is an effort to gather tools, resources, and ideas to promote Teaming in a concentrated period of time and share them with the members of the collaboration. At the organizational level, ACCP recently submitted the 2018 white paper on Interprofessional Education ( as an example of our commitment to interprofessional education in both the class room and clinical learning environments. The tools and resources submitted during the Challenge will be shared at the October NCICLE meeting and placed in a resource repository on the NCICLE website. Once available, a link to the repository will be created on the ACCP website. The challenge is designed to be informative, meaningful, useful, and fun. It is a celebration of ideas and a way to pull NCICLE together that can capitalize on the heterogeneity of its members. Please send any questions about NCICLE or the Teaming Resources Challenge to [email protected].


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