American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Vol. 14, No. 1; April 2011
Every time I get a new volume of the Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program (PSAP), I do a quick calculation of how long I have left on my board certification, compare that to how many books are left in the series, and then tell myself, “you have 90 days to do this, and, worst-case scenario, there are more of these books left.” Read the PRN Report article.
The PRN election cycle is upon us. It is time for PRN members to begin the process of determining who will serve as officers in the coming year. Read the PRN Report article.
ACCP’s PRNs provide a focal point for clinical pharmacists with common interests and needs in practice, research, and education. PRN members help ACCP develop educational programs and promote the activities of the PRNs. Read the PRN Report article.
As ACCP’s Updates in Therapeutics 2011 approaches, we wanted to share with you an update of the Research Institute’s activities as well as its successes. Thank you for supporting the ACCP Research Institute. Read the PRN Report article.

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