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PRN Election Results

PRN Election Results Announced

Recently, members voted for their choice of future leaders for their respective Practice and Research Networks (PRNs). Please join ACCP in recognizing both the newly elected members and those continuing to serve their respective PRNs in the coming year.

Adult Medicine: Leigh Anne Hylton Gravatt, Chair; Andrew Miesner, Chair-Elect; Ryan Owens, Secretary/Treasurer
Ambulatory Care: Kelly Cochran, Chair; Jennifer N. Clements, Chair-Elect; Ann Philbrick, Treasurer; Julie Bartell, Secretary
Cardiology: Craig Beavers, Chair; William L. Baker, Chair-Elect; Jim Coons, Secretary/Treasurer
Central Nervous System: Jeannine M. Conway, Chair; Richard Silvia, Chair-Elect; Stephanie V. Phan, Secretary/Treasurer
Clinical Administration: Elizabeth Michalets, Chair; Tamara Malm, Chair-Elect; Cindy Brasher, Secretary/Treasurer
Critical Care: Drayton Hammond, Chair; David Leedahl, Chair-Elect; Jeffrey Fong, Secretary/Treasurer
Drug Information: Janine Douglas, Chair; Janna Afanasjeva, Chair-Elect; Rena Gosser, Secretary/Treasurer
Education and Training: Eliza Dy-Boarman, Chair; Holly Gurgle, Chair-Elect; Lindsay Saum, Secretary/Treasurer
Emergency Medicine: Nadia Awad, Chair; Craig Cocchio, Chair-Elect; Abby Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer
Endocrine and Metabolism: Christie Schumacher, Chair; Molly Minze, Chair-Elect; Jennifer J. D’Souza, Secretary/Treasurer
Geriatrics: Emily P. Peron, Chair; Crystal Burkhardt, Chair-Elect; Kalin M. Clifford, Secretary/Treasurer
GI/Liver/Nutrition: Johnathan Voss, Chair; Lauren M. Hynicka, Chair-Elect; Maria Sheridan, Secretary/Treasurer
Global Health: Jodie Malhotra, Chair; Gina M. Prescott, Chair-Elect; Rebecca Cope, Secretary/Treasurer
Health Outcomes: Diana Sobieraj, Chair; Henry Young, Chair-Elect; Erin Weeda, Secretary/Treasurer
Hematology/Oncology: Larry Buie, Chair; Marco Martino, Chair-Elect; Justin Arnall, Secretary/Treasurer
HIV: Neha Pandit, Chair; Edward Grace, Chair-Elect; Mark Sawkin, Secretary/Treasurer
Immunology/Transplantation: James N. Fleming, Chair; Christina Doligalski, Chair-Elect; Nicole Alvey, Secretary/Treasurer; Erik Henricksen, Karen Khalil, Trainee Officer
Infectious Diseases: Elias Chahine, Chair; Olga DeTorres, Chair-Elect; Ashley Marx, Secretary/Treasurer
Nephrology: Rachel Eyler, Chair; Michelle Fravel, Chair-Elect
Pain and Palliative Care: Jennifer Pruskowski, Chair; Stephanie Abel, Chair-Elect; Ryan Costantino, Secretary/Treasurer
Pediatrics: Rebecca Pettit, Chair; Nicholas M. Fusco, Chair-Elect; Elizabeth S. Goswami, Secretary/Treasurer
Perioperative Care: Richard H. Parrish II, Chair; Marian Gaviola, Chair-Elect; Eric G. Johnson, Secretary; Amanda Giancarelli, Treasurer
Pharmaceutical Industry: Carmelina Staino, Chair; Steve Stricker, Chair-Elect; Marissa Escobar Quinones, Secretary/Treasurer
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacogenomics: Kelly E. Caudle, Chair; Jason H. Karnes, Chair-Elect; Roseann Gammal, Secretary/Treasurer
Women’s Health: Rebecca Stone, Chair; Nicole Lodise Stack, Chair-Elect; Kylie Barnes, Secretary/Treasurer; Sarah Lynch, Public Policy Liaison