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2022–2023 PRN OFFICERS

The votes are in, and the future leaders of ACCP’s Practice and Research Networks (PRNs) have been elected. Please extend your congratulations to both the newly elected officers and those who will continue to serve their respective PRNs in the coming year.

Adult Medicine

  • Chair: Rachel Flurie
  • Chair-Elect: Haley N. Johnson
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kristina S. Evans

Ambulatory Care

  • Chair: Ann Philbrick
  • Chair-Elect: Insaf Mohammad
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Maria Thurston


  • Chair: Kate P. Cabral
  • Chair-Elect: Stormi Gale
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ted Berei

Central Nervous System

  • Chair: Adam D. Gummersheimer
  • Chair-Elect: Jason “Jae” Chau
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Autumn Walkerly

Clinical Administration

  • Chair: Nitish Bangalore
  • Chair-Elect: Adriane N. Irwin
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Mueller


  • Chair: Jennifer Bacci
  • Chair-Elect: Christopher Daly
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Joseph (Joe) Fava

Critical Care

  • Chair: Mojdeh Heavner
  • Chair-Elect: Susan E. Smith
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Deepali Dixit

Drug Information

  • Chair: Dan Majerczyk
  • Chair-Elect: Miki Goldwire
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Maha Saad

Education and Training

  • Chair: Ashley Higbea
  • Chair-Elect: Alex N. Isaacs
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Vordenberg

Emergency Medicine

  • Chair: Andrew Smith
  • Chair-Elect: Heather Blue
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Giles Slocum

Endocrine and Metabolism

  • Chair: Sara (Mandy) Reece
  • Chair-Elect: Liz Van Dril
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole P. Albanese


  • Chair: Elsen C. Jacob
  • Chair-Elect: Les Covington
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Collin M. Clark


  • Chair: Shubha Bhat
  • Chair-Elect: Courtney Wood
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Stephanie Bass

Global Health

  • Chair: Lauren Jonkman
  • Chair-Elect: Veena Venugopalan
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Hanna Rotundo

Health Equity

  • Chair: Rena A. Gosser
  • Chair-Elect: Tam Phan
  • Immediate Past Chair: Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Sharmon Osae

Health Outcomes

  • Chair: Mike Gionfriddo
  • Chair-Elect: Omolola (Lola) Adeoye-Olatunde
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mia Lussier


  • Chair: Erin Hickey
  • Chair-Elect: Farah Raheem
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Nikola Paulic


  • Chair: Daniel B. Chastain
  • Chair-Elect: Marissa Brizzi
  • Secretary/Treasurer: David Cluck


  • Chair: Daniel Felix
  • Chair-Elect: Elizabeth A. Cohen
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Khalil
  • Members-at-Large: Marissa Brokhof; Sarah Bova
  • Trainee Officer: Johanna Papanikolla

Infectious Diseases

  • Chair: Krutika Mediwala Hornback
  • Chair-Elect: Wesley Kufel
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Rachel Britt


  • Chair: Branden Nemecek
  • Chair-Elect: Wasim S. El Nekidy

Pain and Palliative Care

  • Chair: Jacqueline H. Cleary
  • Chair-Elect: Emily Uebbing
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Luciani (Dragic)


  • Chair: Elizabeth Beckman
  • Chair-Elect: Luke Orth
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ingrid Pan

Perioperative Care

  • Chair: William R. Vincent
  • Chair-Elect: Dustin Carneal
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Likar

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Chair: Phuong “Sophie” Le
  • Chair-Elect: Christopher D. Adams
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Shawn Watson


  • Chair: Teresa T. Ho
  • Chair-Elect: Jacob Brown
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Pasternak


  • Chair: Melissa Santibañez
  • Chair-Elect: Paul Boylan
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Fitzgerald

Women’s Health

  • Chair: Jaini Patel
  • Chair-Elect: Sarah A. Kain
  • Secretary: Kassandra Bartelme
  • Treasurer: Marina Maes