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Calling All Interested Clinical Practice or Research Traineeship Preceptors

Preceptor Application Deadline – July 1, 2024

The purpose of the ACCP Foundation’s Immersive Mentored Skill Development Program (IMMERSE) is to fund and facilitate focused opportunities for full members of ACCP to acquire new skills that will expand and/or enhance their clinical practice or research programs.

To apply for funding to precept a training experience, click here.

During the 2024 IMMERSE pilot program, three PRN-cosponsored preceptors will be funded by the Foundation to deliver a skill development experience to a full member of ACCP.

Preceptor Eligibility: Preceptors must have an established practice site or research program, generally with a minimum of 5 years’ practice/research experience. Mentors will generally be members of the PRN cosponsoring the experience.

Experience Format/Duration: Training experiences may vary in length from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 4 weeks in person (not virtual/remote) with or without supplemental virtual/remote learning components. Estimated program length and design should be described in the experience/mentor application. The final experience plan will be determined by the mentor and participant trainee after the selection process is completed. All traineeship experiences must be completed by September 30, 2025.

Funding: Each IMMERSE experience offered during the pilot is eligible to receive up to $8000 in support from the Foundation. The mentor’s institution is eligible for up to $4000, and the participant trainee is eligible for up to $4000 to help defray costs of participation.

For complete details, please visit

Preceptor Application – Deadline to apply is July 1, 2024

The following information is required and will be reviewed by the designated PRN:

  1. Brief description of advanced/unique clinical practice or research experience to be offered, including where the experience will take place, the estimated duration of the experience, and the mentor’s background/experience in the area of training (500 words or less)
  2. Approval letter from department head/chair or equivalent unit administrator
  3. Curriculum vitae

Link to application: