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ACCP Report

ACCP Strategic Planning Update

ACCP uses a continuous strategic planning process that includes member input, committee and task force charges focused on strategic initiatives, ongoing monitoring of progress, and ongoing revisions to the College’s strategic plan when needed. A comprehensive update occurs every 3–5 years. This ongoing, structured approach allows the College to be responsive to member needs and changing dynamics in the environment while also maintaining focus on long-term goals. The ACCP Board of Regents (BOR) began work on a comprehensive update to the College’s 2020 Strategic Plan almost a year ago.

Member input is critical to a successful strategic planning endeavor. To inform the 2024 Strategic Plan, member input was sought through several mechanisms over the past year, including routine annual surveys, an environmental scan, and focused surveys on initiatives that emerged in the environmental scan.

The mission and core values of the organization remain constant and serve as the guiding principles for all strategic and operational initiatives. Critical issues, strategic directions, and objectives are reviewed, revised, and newly developed with each plan update. Critical issues are current concerns vital to the College’s mission, and strategic directions are statements of intent, expressing the organizational approach to addressing a critical issue. Objectives are specific, achievable, time-specific actions intended to contribute to accomplishing a strategic direction.

Through a review of the environmental scan and member input, the BOR determined that the three critical issues identified in the 2020 plan remain relevant and applicable. ACCP will therefore continue to focus on developing, advancing, and positioning clinical pharmacists to fully contribute their unique expertise to patient care. In addition, informed by member survey responses and comments, several new strategic directions emerged, including efforts to provide innovative opportunities for professional development; promotion of knowledge and skills to leverage AI in clinical pharmacy practice, education, and research; support for growth, diversity, and sustainability of the clinical pharmacy workforce; and promotion of an inclusive leadership culture within the College. Moreover, many ongoing strategic directions were retained, including continuing the focus on leading the implementation of comprehensive clinical pharmacy services, communicating the impact and unique expertise of clinical pharmacists, and increasing the opportunities for clinical pharmacists to influence clinical practice, payment policy, and research. Objectives to support each strategic direction were developed in January and refined in April. The board is anticipating review of a final version of the 2024 Strategic Plan in July. A finalized plan will be provided to membership this fall on the ACCP website and in the ACCP Report.