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ACCP Report - February 2019

ACCP Launches On-Demand Letter of Intent Review Service

ACCP is pleased to announce that it will offer a new service – the Letter of Intent (LOI) Review Service – as a member benefit to student and trainee members beginning this month. For more than 10 years, ACCP has offered the On-Demand CV Review Service as a member benefit. Using this service, participants have had their CVs reviewed by volunteer members of ACCP. Reviewers identify strengths and weaknesses and offer participants suggestions to optimize their CV in preparation for their next career steps. This service has been an overwhelming success. At the same time, as students and trainees continue to look for ways to distinguish themselves from other residency or job applicants, many have asked for a service like the CV review service that focuses on letters of intent. With this new service, ACCP hopes to fill this unmet need.

The On-Demand LOI Review Service will use a portal system similar to the CV review service, allowing reviewers and participants to communicate with each other online. Participants will initiate the process by submitting their LOI online as a PDF document. The PDF will be assigned to a volunteer reviewer, who will provide suggestions. Participants will then receive an e-mail containing feedback from the reviewer within 14 business days.

The On-Demand LOI Review Service will be open year-round, allowing participants to upload their LOI for review any time they choose. Participants can also receive input from a second reviewer, if they wish. This option will automatically appear when student or trainee members sign in to their ACCP account after receiving feedback from the initial reviewer. ACCP also provides other LOI web-based resources, including tips for developing and formatting an LOI, LOI do’s and don’ts, and several sample LOIs for participants to look at.

For more information regarding the On-Demand LOI Review Service or to submit your LOI for review, click here.


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