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ACCP Report - February 2019

Member Recruiters

Many thanks to the following individuals for recruiting colleagues to join them as ACCP members:

  • Wafaa Abou-Zeinddine
  • Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer
  • Holly Budlong
  • Alex Cobb
  • Michelle Crenshaw
  • Tuong Diep
  • Julie Eckert
  • Stacie Evans
  • Jennifer Gallanger
  • Leigh Anne Gravatt
  • Jennifer Gray
  • Curtis Haas
  • Adam Saulles
  • Stanislav Sazonov
  • Douglas Slain
  • Nina Whitehouse
  • Jennifer Hamner
  • Stephanie Jin
  • Holly Kaminski
  • Pamela Leal
  • Jennifer Leiby
  • Daniel Majerczyk
  • Kelsey Martin
  • Julin Mathew
  • Mohammad Mozaffar
  • Karleigh Neese
  • Sara Robbins
  • Omrie Samuels
  • Kimberly Whitley
  • Felix Yam


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