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Building Vaccine Trust: #ThisIsOurShot Campaign


ACCP recognizes and is inspired by the impact of our members on the frontlines of healthcare during the pandemic. If you have received the COVID vaccine and used the hashtag #ThisIsOurShot to share your experience on social media, you have joined over 25,000 health care professionals aiming to increase public trust in the COVID-19 vaccine through this grassroots social media campaign which has reached more than 130 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The mission of #ThisIsOurShot is to elevate the voices of health care heroes to address vaccine hesitancy by sharing accurate, up-to-date information and by humanizing the COVID vaccine experience through personal stories.

Alex McDonald, M.D., one of the leaders of the digital campaign, shares the story of how this grassroots movement came to be:

It started with a small group of young physicians, residents, and medical students from the California Medical Association. Our goal was to lead by example as well as create a volunteer grassroots movement to channel and harness the energy of physicians thru a digital social media movement…. The movement unofficially launched just before Christmas, and it has been a whirlwind of a movement thus far. Our first planning meeting was about 10 people just before Thanksgiving, and now we have a weekly planning and education meeting with over 50 health care leaders from across the nation and over 25 partner major medical organizations. Our movement has amassed over 200 million impressions across social media platforms and over 25,000 health care heroes who have raised their voices to share accurate vaccine information … and growing.

ACCP has partnered with #ThisIsOurShot to advance the mission to build vaccine trust. ACCP members are encouraged to use #ThisIsOurShot when sharing vaccine selfies and stories through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), thereby leveraging the credibility and trust of clinical pharmacists with patients, colleagues, peers, friends, and family by showcasing the embrace of the COVID vaccine.