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ACCP Report - March 2013

PSAP-VII Series, Audio Companion Available at Discounted Price

The July 2012 release of Gastroenterology and Nutrition concluded the seventh edition of the Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program (PSAP-VII). Now all 11 books in this acclaimed home study series—most of which still carry available continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits—are available at a discounted price.

The PSAP-VII books encompass 15 therapeutic areas selected to cover the Pharmacotherapy Specialist Content Outline. Each book is a ready reference tool for individual pharmacists and a source of exceptional therapeutic content for staff development.

Emphasis is placed on sharpening clinical knowledge and skills by integrating new drug therapy knowledge into practice. Case-based self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter may be used to obtain CPE credit. All testing takes place online at the ACCP Web site.

PSAP-VII Book Available CPE Hours CPE Expiration
Cardiology 22.0 Expired
Critical and Urgent Care 19.0 04-30-2013
Women’s and Men’s Health 22.5 07-31-2013
Pediatrics 16.0 10-31-2013
Chronic Illnesses 23.5 01-31-2014
Oncology 16.5 04-30-2014
Geriatrics 21.0 07-31-2014
Science and Practice of Pharmacotherapy 11.5 10-31-2014
Infectious Diseases 19.0 01-31-2015
Neurology and Psychiatry 16.5 04-30-2015
Gastroenterology and Nutrition 15.5 07-31-2015

NOTE: As the print versions of PSAP-VII books are sold out, the online version will be substituted in full-series orders. For more information, see the ACCP Web site.

All PSAP-VII books are available in print, online, or as a combination of both. The online books are provided as PDFs that can be downloaded and printed; these electronic books are identical in content to the print versions, with added digital features such as searchable text, hyperlinked bookmarks, and anytime/anywhere access.

PSAP-VIIMember PriceNonmember Price
Print Series (11 softbound books)$305.00$445.00
Online Series (11 books)$270.00$400.00
Print and Online Series (11 books)$445.00$575.00
Single Print Book$55.00$70.00
Single Online Book$45.00$65.00
Single Print and Online Book$75.00$90.00

For more information about each PSAP-VII book—with topics covered, tables of contents, faculty, sample chapters, and learning objectives—or to purchase, go to the ACCP Web site.

Created with the audio learner in mind, the PSAP Audio Companion is a studio recording of the book text and learning objectives, provided as MP3 files that can be downloaded to a listening device or burned onto a CD. With the Cardiology, Critical and Urgent Care, Oncology, and Infectious Diseases books, special savings are available for purchasers of the online book/Audio Companion combination.

PSAP-VII Book Audio Companion Only Companion plus Online Book
  Member Nonmember Member Nonmember
Cardiology $17.50 $28.00 $52.50 $80.00
Critical/Urgent Care $17.50 $28.00 $52.50 $80.00
Oncology $17.50 $28.00 $52.50 $80.00
Infectious Diseases $17.50 $28.00 $52.50 $80.00

Purchase the PSAP-VII Audio Companion on the ACCP Web site.