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ACCP Report - April 2017

ACCP Launches New Website

Redesigned Website

ACCP’s redesigned website is as functional on a small smartphone screen as it is on a large desktop monitor and everything in between. Its new “responsive” design adapts to the size and shape of your device, making it easier to access vital ACCP resources while you are on the go. The parenthetical numbers below refer to the screenshot above.

Homepage: ACCP’s redesigned homepage now includes a calendar of upcoming events (1) as well as important deadlines. More news (2) and other content have been added to provide more information with fewer clicks. Links are easier to access when navigating with your finger instead of a mouse.

My Account: Accessing your member account has never been easier. ACCP’s redesigned website features a prominent “My Account” button (3) at the top of every page. The redesigned My Account page continues to be your gateway to online educational materials like ACCP’s self-assessment programs (SAPs) and preparatory review and recertification courses, continuing pharmacy education credit for meetings and webinars, Practice and Research Network (PRN) websites, recertification hours, Pharmacotherapy, receipts, and much more.

Navigation: For your convenience, much of the navigation remains unchanged. Changes to note include a new combined section for education and meetings (4) and new sections for Pharmacotherapy (5), PRNs (6), and research (7). In addition, two new categories have been added to the Store (8), making it easier than ever to find specialty certification examination preparation materials and specialty recertification materials.

These are just some of the highlights of ACCP’s redesigned website. With its contemporary look and feel and its finger-friendly functionality, the College’s redesigned website delivers the next generation of services to you, whether at home, in the clinic, or standing in line at the coffee shop. ACCP would love to know what you think about these and other improvements. E-mail your comments to