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ACCP Report - April 2017

ACCP-PAC Contributions Support Bipartisan Health Care Leaders in Congress


The partisan divide in Washington has reached unprecedented levels. The recent collapse of the “Obamacare” repeal-and-replace effort is just one example of this toxic political environment.

To advance its Medicare Initiative, ACCP is focused on working with true health care leaders from both parties who are willing to collaborate with colleagues across the aisle to enact health care legislation focused on team-based, patient-centered care that measures and rewards quality and outcomes.

However, these moderate, bipartisan legislators will inevitably face primary challenges from the fringes of their respective party. It is vital that ACCP be able to provide support for such leaders to ensure they remain in Washington and continue to advance policies that meaningfully address the health care issues our nation currently faces.

Only ACCP members are eligible to contribute to the PAC and allow it to make these vital political contributions. With its more than 18,000 ACCP members, ACCP is in a position to become one of the most prominent pharmacy PACs in Washington. To do this, ACCP needs the widespread support of its membership.

If each ACCP member contributed just $25, ACCP-PAC would raise over $350,000. All ACCP members should consider donating at least $25 to ACCP-PAC. CLICK HERE to support your PAC today!