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ACCP Report - April 2017

Enroll in the ACCP Academy

ACCP Academy

The ACCP Academy offers a flexible, curricular approach to enhancing ACCP members’ abilities in their primary areas of responsibility. The Academy provides three unique professional development programs leading to certificates of completion.

  • Leadership and Management: This program equips participants with the key leadership skills needed to improve personal growth and to guide and inspire their associates in the workplace. This enhanced ability will enable pharmacy leaders to create the changes necessary to advance pharmacy’s mission within the health care system.
  • Research and Scholarship: This program develops the basic clinical research and scholarly abilities of clinical pharmacists. The program integrates research theory with practical applications while involving participants in scholarly work early in the curriculum.
  • Teaching and Learning: This program assists in recruiting, motivating, and preparing clinical educators who can inspire students to advance the profession of pharmacy.

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