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ACCP Report - April 2019

About the ACCP Strategic Plan

Creating and updating the ACCP strategic plan involves considerable reflection, discussion, and teamwork. The College uses a continuous strategic planning cycle, including obtaining ongoing evaluations of its progress, using input from member surveys and focus groups, developing committees and task forces to address College initiatives and emerging issues, and publishing updates and revisions to the current strategic plan, as needed. In addition, the ACCP Board of Regents and staff regularly undertake a structured assessment and revision of the plan. Although ACCP’s core values and mission have remained steadfast over time, its vision and critical issues are periodically revisited to ensure that the organizational plan continues to evolve and be forward-thinking. The process requires a shared vision of organizational direction and the recognition that the individual missions of the College’s three interrelated corporate entities – ACCP, the ACCP Foundation, and Pharmacotherapy Publications, Inc. – all contribute to achieving that vision in unique ways.

The process for revising the current strategic plan began in February 2016, when the Board of Regents engaged in an environmental scan and assessed current and evolving organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Targeted surveys were sent to samples of specific segments of the membership (new practitioners; PRN leaders; ACCP Fellows; and former ACCP, Pharmacotherapy, and ACCP Foundation board members) to gain their perspectives and identify additional emerging priority areas. More than 1000 members took part in this process, providing valuable feedback on proposed critical issues and ranking them in order of priority. About 100 members participated in the live focus groups held during the 2016 ACCP Annual Meeting. The board then collated and analyzed these member input data, and with additional refinement and editing, the final strategic plan was approved in July 2017.

The Board of Regents designed the plan’s objectives to be accomplished over 2–3 years. To successfully implement these initiatives, the College relies on the combined efforts of its members, whether by holding office, participating in committees, or serving as speakers, presenters, mentors, and recruiters. Soon, it will be time to update the 2017 strategic plan. The board will initiate the update in July and will again call on members to provide feedback and participate in this process. In addition, specific input can be submitted any time by visiting the ACCP feedback page at