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ACCP Report - April 2019

ACCP-PAC Contributions Support Bipartisan Health Care Leaders in Congress

Consistent with ACCP’s core values, ACCP-PAC supports candidates and elected officials who are committed to a care delivery system in which clinical pharmacists, as fully integrated members of the patient care team, are responsible for providing significant portions of medication management and helping achieve clinical goals for patients’ medication use.

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, ACCP-PAC has over $60,000 cash available to support elected officials and candidates running for federal office, thanks to the support of its members.

Although the partisan divide in Washington remains challenging, ACCP continues to build and develop relationships with true health care leaders from both parties who want to work with colleagues across the aisle to enact health care legislation focused on team-based, patient-centered care that measures and rewards quality and outcomes.

Clearly, the College’s message is resonating with policy-makers – medication optimization is increasingly recognized as a central component of the value-based approach to patient care. ACCP must also continue to support its friends on Capitol Hill to ensure that these leaders remain in Washington and continue to advance policies that meaningfully address the nation’s current health care issues.

ACCP-PAC is the only means through which the College can provide financial support for candidates for Congress. With its 17,000 members, ACCP is in a position to become one of the most prominent pharmacy PACs in Washington. To do this, the College needs the widespread support of its membership.

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