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ACCP Report - April 2019

Highlights from the CMM Effectiveness and Implementation Grant: A Report from the CMM Study Team

Written by Mary Roth McClurg, Pharm.D., MHS, FCCP

Data collection is complete across all aims of the ACCP-funded CMM Effectiveness and Implementation study. The study team continues to engage in data cleaning and data analysis for both the implementation and the effectiveness arms of the study; release study findings in the form of publications and presentations; and engage practitioners, organizations, payers, and health care providers in scaling CMM in primary care.

The study team is working closely with its AAFP and DARTNet colleagues, who are leading the data collection component of the study. The team has received electronic health record data from the study sites participating in this aim of the study, which are being formatted for analysis and for which the analytic code is being written. The analysis on clinical measures will be completed first, the results of which will then be incorporated into the cost-savings evaluation.

ACCP President Suzanne Nesbit’s March 2019 ACCP Report article titled “Implementing CMM to Achieve Medication Optimization” describes the importance of ACCP’s focused plans for disseminating and implementing the study’s findings. In partnership with ACCP, the study team is dedicated to identifying and pursuing strategies to educate practitioners, organizations, payers, and providers on learnings from the study that focus on opportunities to replicate and scale CMM.

Aside from the traditional academic dissemination of the study team’s learnings through publication in scientific/professional journals, a goal of the team has been to develop strategies for engaging practitioners in the tools and findings that have emerged from the study. One example of this type of strategy was the Patient-Centered Team-Based Practice Forum held during the 2018 ACCP Updates in Therapeutics® meeting. Similarly, the team will extend this work by participating in the practice forum at the 2019 ACCP Updates in Therapeutics® spring meeting in St. Louis to introduce and apply the principles and tools integral to CMM implementation and documentation. More information about the Patient-Centered Team-Based Practice Forum can be found in this issue of the ACCP Report and at

An additional strategy for engaging practitioners in an active and immersive experience will be through providing access to the study’s web-based, technology platform, Optimizing Medications for Better Health, which will contain the findings and tools produced from the study. This resource will enable users to access numerous educational materials, assessment tools, and a clinical documentation resource. The platform is expected to go live in July 2019 and will be accessible to all ACCP members. An early version of the platform will be used and showcased at the 2019 ACCP Updates in Therapeutics® spring meeting in St. Louis.

As in past communications, the study team continues to reflect on the importance of the partnership that has existed between the research team and the study sites over the past 3 years. This “implementation stream,” rich with many learnings and experiences, is truly unique and adds an entirely new dimension to the previous research done around CMM or in pharmacy practice, in general. This study goes well beyond the traditional dissemination of data produced by a clinical practice through relying critically on the engagement of the “subjects” of the study – the frontline practitioners who took the time to test new ideas, participate in coaching calls and webinars, complete the many forms and surveys submitted to them, and share their experiences through interviews and focus groups. We, the study team, greatly appreciate the commitment, adaptability, and expertise of the 40+ clinical practitioners from the health care organizations who participated in this project.