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ACCP Report - July 2013

2013 ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam Now Available for Preorder

Mock Exam

The 2013 ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam is a 200-item question bank based on the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements outlined in the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) content outline that provides online access (anywhere, anytime!) until October 31, 2014. The ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam will be available on August 1—preorder the Mock Exam today at

Developed and reviewed by board-certified pharmacotherapy specialists (BCPSs), the ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam provides feedback customized to each participant. This feedback includes the time spent on each question and the types of questions most frequently missed by the participant, as well as an answer key that contains explained answers and/or references for further study. This tool is ideal for anyone who has been studying for the Pharmacotherapy board exam and wants to learn more about his or her potential strengths and weaknesses in preparing for the exam in September and October.

The ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam is available for preorder, with pricing as low as $79.95 for ACCP members and $99.95 for ACCP nonmembers. Order by August 31, 2013, and receive $10 off your purchase of the 2013 ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam.

Please note: Individuals involved with the development of the ACCP Pharmacotherapy Mock Exam have not served on a BPS Specialty Council and have not served as item writers for BPS.