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ACCP Report - August 2018

Washington Report

Grassroots Action Alert: Strengthening Medicare Through Comprehensive Medication Management


John K. McGlew
Director of Government Affairs

In keeping with its core values and mission, ACCP is committed to an organization-wide priority of clinical practice advancement and practice transformation. Central to this effort, ACCP’s Washington office has focused on an advocacy initiative termed the Medicare Initiative that calls on Congress to enact legislation to provide Medicare patients with coverage for comprehensive medication management (CMM) as part of broader reforms to establish a patient-centered interprofessional and collaborative approach to health care delivery that removes existing professional and payment silos.

ACCP’s focus on the service (the “what”), rather than the provider (the “who”), and its requirement that these services be delivered under formal collaborative practice agreements or clinical privileges granted by the health care setting in which the pharmacist practices have played a significant role in facilitating the College’s progress on Capitol Hill and its ongoing outreach to the physician community.

ACCP’s Medicare Initiative is intended to position clinical pharmacists to participate in evolving care delivery and payment models. The College’s proposed process of care is consistent with the vision for medication management in the patient-centered medical home endorsed by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative and is necessary to achieve many of the quality metrics established under evolving Medicare Alternative Payment Models to help ensure medication optimization, enhance patient safety, promote value-based rather than volume-based care to patients, and contribute to greater affordability and sustainability for the Medicare program.

Since launching this initiative, ACCP has made significant progress on Capitol Hill, resulting in meaningful interest from a bipartisan group of lawmakers who recognize the value of a truly patient-centered, team-based approach to health care and understand that “getting the medications right” through consistent CMM is a vital component of evolving payment and care models both in Medicare and across all payers and delivery systems.

But members of Congress also need to hear from clinical pharmacists delivering direct patient care services in their state or district. ACCP has prepared a letter to Congress describing its Medicare Initiative that you can review and edit. You can send this letter in just a few easy clicks, but for maximum impact, the College encourages you to personalize the letter by providing additional information about your clinical practice and the patients you care for. Also, please consider inviting your senators and representative to visit your practice setting so that they can learn firsthand about the value of clinical pharmacists as part of the health care delivery team.

Simply click here to visit ACCP’s Legislative Action Center and follow the instructions to send a message to your representative and senators. Thank you for participating in this important advocacy effort!

For more information on any of ACCP’s advocacy efforts, please contact John K. McGlew at