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ACCP Report - August 2019

Washington Report

Grassroots Action Alert: Invite Lawmakers to Tour Your Practice Site

Written by John McGlew
Director of Government Affairs


One common theme that remains constant across ACCP’s entire advocacy enterprise is the recognition among external stakeholders that America’s health care delivery systems consistently fail to deliver the full promise medications can offer and that “medication optimization” is central to achieving meaningful quality improvements in care and outcomes while meeting cost-containment goals.

ACCP’s focus on the service (the “what”) rather than the provider (the “who”) and its requirement that covered services be delivered under formal collaborative practice agreements have been central to progress in Congress, across key federal agencies, and with ACCP’s ongoing outreach to the physician community. Moreover, ACCP’s focus has resulted in bipartisan, actionable developments such as the requirement that certain Medicare alternative payment models include comprehensive medication management (CMM) services as a covered benefit.

However, although elected officials are familiar with what occurs in a traditional community pharmacy setting, they are far less likely to fully understand the complexity of clinical pharmacy practice unless they’ve seen or received these services personally. As the profession continues to make great strides in defining a consistent process of care, hosting your elected officials to visit your practice is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to help them understand what clinical pharmacy practice is all about – and to generate their support for the integration and payment for those services into team-based care structures.

Our staff in Washington, D.C., can help facilitate this process. To start off, we have prepared a letter that you can send in just a few easy clicks, inviting your representative and senators to tour your practice site. For maximum impact, we encourage you to personalize the letter by sharing some additional information about your clinical practice and the patients you care for.

Simply click here to visit our Legislative Action Center and follow the instructions to send your message to your representative and senators. Thank you for participating in this important advocacy effort.