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ACCP Report - August 2019

ACCP-PAC Contributions Support Bipartisan Health Care Leaders in Congress

Excellence is central to ACCP’s organizational core values. The College’s mission is to promote the generation of innovative science, the development of successful practice models, and the dissemination of new knowledge to advance pharmacotherapy and patient care.

Yet how are value, outcomes, and quality measured as they pertain to the College’s advocacy work? One measure is the progress ACCP has made in changing policy outcomes, and the College is proud that to have worked incrementally to secure the requirement that comprehensive medication management (CMM) services be included in practices participating in newly established Medicare payment models.

Another measure is the level at which ACCP members participate in its advocacy programs. In this area, there is substantial work to do. One simple way ACCP members can demonstrate their support for the College’s advocacy work is by donating to the ACCP-PAC. As ACCP staff build and develop relationships with health care leaders from both parties who are willing to work to enact bipartisan, health care legislation focused on team-based, patient-centered care that measures and rewards quality and outcomes, it is vital that ACCP members and the ACCP-PAC provide support for such leaders in order to ensure they remain in Washington and continue to advance policies that meaningfully address the nation’s current health care issues.

Only ACCP members are eligible to contribute to the PAC, thereby allowing the College to make these vital political contributions. With its 17,000 members, ACCP is in a position to become one of the most prominent pharmacy PACs in Washington. To do this, ACCP needs the widespread support of its membership.

However, given that most ACCP members have limited time to actually engage in government advocacy efforts themselves, the most efficient and effective way to advocate on behalf of clinical pharmacy and ACCP’s initiatives is to contribute to the PAC. It takes only seconds to make such a contribution and, in that way, meaningfully support and participate in advancing the College’s advocacy agenda. CLICK HERE to support your PAC today!