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ACCP Report - September 2019

ACCP Member Spotlight: Brian Kurish

Brian A. Kurish, Pharm.D.

Brian Kurish, Pharm.D., is a critical care clinical pharmacist at ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, and holds an adjunct clinical faculty appointment at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. Kurish earned his Pharm.D. degree at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and completed PGY1 health systems pharmacy and PGY2 critical care residencies at the University of Michigan Health System. He has contributed to the pharmacy profession by serving 2 years on the ACCP National Student Network Advisory Committee and another 2 years on the ACCP National Resident Advisory Committee (RAC). As a RAC member of the Resident Advisory Committee, he has greatly contributed through ACCP media geared toward student, resident, and fellow members. Kurish’s most recent accomplishment is the ACCP resident and fellow podcasts, which began to be published earlier this year – he hopes these are something all ACCP members will enjoy.

In his current position, Kurish participates on an interdisciplinary medical ICU team rounding daily. He also precepts pharmacy students and PGY1 residents in the medical ICU rotation. In his current role, Kurish finds himself avidly drawn to the complex and dynamic ICU patient population and enjoys applying knowledge in pharmacotherapy and pharmacology to optimize the care of his patients. “Seeing patients leave the ICU after overcoming a life-threatening illness is what makes critical care pharmacy so rewarding to me.”

Kurish, who enjoyed learning about the molecular properties of drugs in his college organic chemistry class, thought he wanted to be a clinical pharmacist well before enrolling in pharmacy school and before knowing what it meant to be a clinical pharmacist. He sought opportunities to expose himself to clinical pharmacy early as a pharmacy student. Kurish first learned all the exciting work clinical pharmacists were doing across the country at the 2014 ACCP Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. Enthusiastic and determined, he pursued his career path.

Indeed, his organic chemistry class and attendance at ACCP Annual Meetings have influenced his career, Kurish says. Moreover, “Becoming an ACCP member as I began pharmacy school has had a great influence on my early career.” After his first Annual Meeting, he served a leadership role in an ACCP student chapter to become better acquainted with the organization. ACCP has given him the opportunity to network with many brilliant pharmacists and students from across the country, with whom he anticipates building great friendships and research collaborations. Outside the pharmacy profession, but in line with his disciplined characteristic, Kurish enjoys spending time outdoors running and biking and is currently taking on the challenge of athletic swimming to accomplish his life goal of completing a triathlon.