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ACCP Report - October 2018

2018 ACCP-PAC PRN Challenge Update: Track the Leading PRNs in Real-Time!

The 2018 ACCP-PAC PRN Challenge is now under way! This year, we have developed a system that allows ACCP members to track the “PRN Leaderboard” in real-time and see how your PRN stacks up against the competition.

Just visit the DONATE page on the ACCP-PAC website to see the full listing. And remember, the Challenge runs through mid-afternoon on October 23. The winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington.

In 2017, the GI/Liver/Nutrition PRN took home the prize for the greatest percentage of members to contribute, and the Ambulatory Care PRN emerged victorious in the total dollars raised. So, support your PAC and your PRN today by donating online at

How the Challenge Works

The ACCP-PAC PRN Challenge will determine which PRN provides the greatest PAC support. PRN members who contribute to the PAC online will have an option to designate a PRN to receive credit for their contribution.

  • The challenge will recognize two winners:
    • The PRN whose members contribute the most money in total; and
    • The PRN with the highest percentage of members who contribute to the PAC.
  • ACCP members who belong to multiple PRNs can make multiple contributions in the name of each PRN, but only one PRN can receive credit for any single contribution.
  • Unlike contributions to the Frontiers Fund, ACCP-PAC cannot accept contributions directly from PRNs. All PAC contributions must be made by individuals from personal funds. Because of Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, PAC contributions are NOT deductible as charitable donations for federal tax purposes and must be made from personal funds and/or post-tax dollars.
  • To qualify for the Challenge, PRN members must contribute at least $5. However, to increase the funds available to give to candidates this election season, the College urges PRN members to contribute at least $25 to this effort.
  • The winning PRNs will be awarded coveted, preferential timeslots for PRN business meetings at the 2019 ACCP Annual Meeting in New York, New York.
  • The 2018 Challenge concludes October 23, 2018.
  • Please contribute online at

Thank you for supporting this important initiative. For more information, contact John McGlew (