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ACCP Report - October 2018

ACCP Teams with PCPCC to Deliver Webinar on Optimizing Value and Patient Outcomes Through CMM

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) partnered with ACCP to coordinate and deliver a webinar, presented live September 18, 2018, discussing how comprehensive medication management (CMM) can optimize value and patient outcomes. Developed with the input of ACCP members and staff, the program highlighted how CMM contributes to achieving the “Quadruple Aim” (quality, cost, patient experience, and medical provider experience). The webinar was designed for a variety of audiences, including physicians, administrators, and payers.

The presenters, Amanda Brummel, Pharm.D., BCACP; Mark Loafman, M.D., MPH; and Dan Rehrauer, Pharm.D., reflected complementary perspectives on the value and success of integrating CMM services into primary care practice. In their presentation, they described (1) CMM and how it is delivered, (2) the key practice management and operational elements needed to successfully integrate CMM into primary care, (3) the areas of alignment between CMM and value-based health care in the United States, and (4) how CMM contributes to achieving the Quadruple Aim. The webinar’s success, given the size of the audience and the many engaging questions posed to the speakers, indicates the interest of primary care practitioners in implementing CMM services. The webinar recording is available on the PCPCC website and can be accessed here, in addition to the presentation slides and presenter responses to audience questions.

For questions related to ACCP’s work in practice advancement and CMM implementation, please contact ACCP Director of Clinical Practice Advancement Dan Aistrope at If you are attending the 2018 Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington, and want to learn more about CMM implementation and how ACCP supports these initiatives, visit ACCP Central, located directly adjacent to the Registration Desk and the Bookstore. ACCP Central is a dedicated space for attendees to convene, network, and explore opportunities to engage with a variety of ACCP initiatives. Representatives from the Government and Professional Affairs team will be available to discuss the College’s policy, advocacy, and practice advancement work. You can also visit the CMM in Primary Care Technology Demo for a first look at the “CMM in Primary Care” study’s latest findings, including the technology platform developed to disseminate the evidence-based tools and resources emerging from this 3-year ACCP-funded study.