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ACCP Report - November 2019

ACCP Congratulates the 2019 Academy Graduates!

The annual ACCP Academy graduation ceremony was held Tuesday, October 29, during the 2019 ACCP Annual Meeting in New York City. The commencement speaker was ACCP Past President Judith Jacobi, with ACCP President Suzanne A. Nesbit officiating.

Congratulations to the following 34 individuals who completed an ACCP Academy this year:

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Academy Graduates: (left to right): Philip K. King, Anastasia M. Rivkin, Molly G. Minze, Eliza A. Dy-Boarman, Gabriella A. Douglass, and Robert Smith (director); (not pictured) Mark A. Della Paolera, Marcie Hume, Evelyn Kwong, Elaine Law, Laura E. Milner, Christopher Oswald, Samantha Ray, Kirsten L. Stone, and Richard Ward.

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Academy graduates (left to right): Jimmi Hatton-Kolpeck (director), Kurt Wolfgang, Tessa L. Rife, Elizabeth Rozycki, Elizabeth Cook, Lamis R. Karaoui, Jessica Wooster, Alex Ebied, David M. Peters, Keatan Smetana; (not pictured) Theodore Berei, Eric M. Coons.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Academy graduates (left to right): Daniel S. Longyhore (director) and Radha B. Manian ; (not pictured): Lilian Wanjiku Adeojo, Ashleigh-Anne Au, Kathryn A. Connor, Ryan G. D’Angelo, Avani Desai, Madeline King, Hend H. Mohamed, and Besu Teshome.

Are you interested in honing your skills within your workplace? Would you like to acquire new skills in the realms of leadership, research, and teaching? Sign up today for the ACCP Academy. Please visit for more details or contact the staff liaison, Jessie Culley, at