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ACCP Report - December 2012

Support ACCP Squared Study and Get a Year-end Tax Deduction


Donations to the Frontiers Fund will further advance the mission of the Research Institute to develop clinical pharmacists as investigators and demonstrate the value of clinical pharmacy as a profession.

In 2013, the ACCP PBRN will continue the third phase of its major initiative, the ACCP Activities of Clinical Pharmacists (ACCP Squared Study). The ACCP PBRN has been charged with creating a plan to document the value of clinical pharmacists, the topic that consistently ranks as the No. 1 priority of the ACCP membership. The time to show your support for this effort is now. Your tax-deductible gifts make the important work of the ACCP Research Institute possible.

Special thanks go to the 2012 Frontiers Fund Committee. The committee members are Susan Fagan (Chair), Ron Evens, Ralph Raasch, and Stuart Haines. It is not too late to make a tax-deductible donation in 2012. Please visit the Web site at and give today.