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ACCP Report - December 2018

ACCP’s International Activities

Strategic Direction 2.2 of the 2017 ACCP strategic plan calls for the College to enhance the growth and evolution of the clinical pharmacy discipline worldwide. Toward that end, Pharmacotherapy and JACCP have engaged a diverse group of authors, reviewers, and editorial board members, including many who reside and work outside the United States. In addition, the College’s other international efforts continue to expand. Currently, ACCP provides the following programs and services designed to support and facilitate the evolution of clinical pharmacy across the globe:

  • Professional Development Programs. ACCP provides live professional development programs (usually 2–3 days in length) for pharmacists at international sites that address the following:
    • Clinical skills development
    • Teaching and precepting
    • Leadership and management
    • Research and scholarship
    • Pharmacotherapy applications to advance pharmacy practice
    • Pharmacotherapy (BCPS) board examination preparation
    • Other topics tailored to meet an organization’s needs
  • Clinical Services Development.
  • Professional Degree Program Development. ACCP offers consultation and guidance on design of the clinical curriculum, learning outcomes assessment, experiential education, faculty development, and other subjects relevant to program development and enhancement.
  • Organizational Strategic Planning.
  • Recruitment of Qualified U.S. Clinical Faculty and Clinical Pharmacists for Full-time Positions outside the United States.
  • Access to Pharm.D. Degree and Training Programs. ACCP coordinates consideration of highly qualified non-U.S. pharmacists for admission to select U.S. Pharm.D. programs and facilitates access to postgraduate training opportunities in U.S. residency and fellowship programs.

ACCP provides program evaluations and assessments, reports, strategic planning summaries and recommendations, curricular plans, and other documents as work products of the activities listed above.

In 2019, as part of a new organizational communications plan, the College will further highlight its current international activities and solicit applications from ACCP members to actively participate in specific programs and services. Look for more information in future issues of the ACCP Report.