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Resident/Fellow BPS Study Groups

It can be difficult to set aside time to study for board certification exams. Study groups offer an opportunity to collaborate with other residents and fellows to help you stay on track. The study groups are designed to provide an aggressive 8-week structure to your study schedule. You will be placed in a study group based on your preferences for exam, time zone, and study time. ACCP will not provide group leaders or study materials. As a group, you will designate roles and responsibilities for each member. The group dynamic is a great way to share expertise and maintain accountability as you prepare to take your exam.

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All ACCP resident and fellow members are able to participate in the study groups. Participants will be grouped with approximately 5 other members taking the same exam. If feasible, other factors, including time zone and desired study time, will be considered.

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Spring 2017 Exam

Fall 2017 Exam

ACCP Study Group sign up timeframe

January 9 - February 10

June 19 – July 14

ACCP Study Group start date

February 20

July 24

ACCP Study Group end date

April 17

September 15


April 20 – May 6

September 21 – October 7