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Fellowship Spotlight: University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Postdoctoral Academic Fellowship


The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy (UKCOP) located in Lexington, Kentucky, provides an innovative Pharm.D. curriculum, conducts pioneering research, delivers cutting-edge clinical practice, cultivates inclusivity, and leads change to improve health in its community and beyond. UKCOP offers a 1-year postdoctoral academic fellowship program that is seamlessly integrated into the college’s operations. Throughout the year, the fellow’s time is focused on the domains of research and scholarship, teaching, professional service, and clinical practice. The program’s overarching goal is to provide the optimal pathway from postgraduate training into pharmacy education. The fellow’s success and achievement within these domains are supported by the fellowship director, the Fellowship Advisory Committee, and other mentors identified throughout the year. In addition to the valuable experiences in the domains listed below, the fellow receives a competitive stipend and benefits package, 15 days of paid time off, a personal office, and financial support for professional development and travel.


Research and Scholarship

Around 30% of the fellow’s time is spent conducting research and participating in scholarly activities. Fellows work with the fellowship director at the beginning of the year to identify an area of interest within pharmacy education in which they will conduct a research study or other scholarly projects throughout the year. In addition, laboratory or clinical-based research opportunities may be pursued during the year depending on availability and each fellow’s interest. Fellows are also encouraged to develop ancillary skills in this domain throughout the year, including scholarly peer review.



Around 30% of the fellow’s time is spent teaching in diverse settings within the college of pharmacy, predominantly in the Pharm.D. curriculum. The highly integrated curriculum presents fellows with numerous opportunities to develop their teaching philosophy and experiment with different teaching pedagogies in different classroom settings (e.g., traditional lecture, flipped classroom, skills lab) and content areas (e.g., basic sciences, therapeutics, non-clinical). Teaching experiences are tailored to fellows’ areas of interest and expertise according to their prior training and experience. Fellows also coordinate one module (6 weeks) within the patient-centered care experience skills lab during the spring semester. Additional course co-coordination and management opportunities may be organized throughout the year according to the fellow’s interests. Outside teaching within the Pharm.D. curriculum, fellows may also serve as co-preceptors for APPE students and pharmacy residents.


Professional Service

Around 20% of the fellow’s time is dedicated to professional service, including professional development, within UKCOP and professional organizations. Fellows are active members of at least one college of pharmacy committee during the year, and this assignment is tailored to their interests. In addition, fellows help coordinate the student-led tutoring program. Fellows are also highly encouraged to become involved in professional organizations, particularly the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.


Clinical Practice

Around 20% of the fellow’s time (the equivalent of one 8-hour shift per week) is spent providing patient care in highly integrated clinical practice settings within the University of Kentucky HealthCare (UKHC) system. As a large, tertiary referral academic medical center, UKHC supports numerous clinical practice specialties with significant pharmacy presence. The fellowship director and Fellowship Advisory Committee work to integrate fellows into a practice site that aligns with their prior clinical training and experience.



Dr. Jeff Cain serves as the fellowship director and is aided by the Fellowship Advisory Committee, which consists of Drs. Penni Black, Clark Kebodeaux, and Aaron Cook. Together, they bring a diverse background of training and practice experience, areas of expertise, and perspectives that supports fellows in their personal and professional goals. If you are interested in the UKCOP postdoctoral academic fellowship program, please visit the program website below.



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Submitted by: Michael Behal, Pharm.D., BCCCP

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