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PedSAP 2016 Book 1 Immunology

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The inaugural release in the new Pediatric Self-Assessment Program (PedSAP) focuses on evidence-based practice considerations on the management of important immunologic conditions.

Jennifer Le, Pharm.D., MAS, BCPS (AQ-ID), FCCP, FCSHP

Immunology carries a total of TBD continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits. Content was developed under the leadership of Faculty Panel Chair Jennifer Le, Pharm.D., MAS, BCPS (AQ-ID), FCCP, FCSHP.

All PedSAP releases feature two modules. The first module contains traditional review-style chapters that examine the latest literature and guidelines on Routine Childhood Immunization, Vaccine Development and Future Targets, and Passive Immunization. The second module, Clinical and Practice Updates, consists of interactive features that utilize new learning formats. For Immunology, this includes an Interactive Case: Solid Organ Transplant Immunology; and the on-demand webcasts, Translating Evidence into Practice: Human Papillomavirus Vaccination; and Translating Evidence into Practice: Vancomycin Toxicity.

PedSAP chapters are fully referenced, with online links to literature compilers such as PubMed. In addition, hypertext links provide ready access to clinical practice guidelines, official recommendations, and patient assessment tools. Graphic features focus on pivotal studies, patient care scenarios, and take-home points that can be readily integrated into clinical practice. Multimedia elements such as video and MP3 audio files enhance learning.

Publisher: ACCP, 75 pages, May 2016; ISBN-13: 978-1-939862-32-7

PedSAP 2016-2018 PedSAP 2016 Book 1



Immunology I
5.0 CPE Hours

Clinical and Practice Updates
4.0 CPE Hours



Author(s): ACCP
* The credit for this product expired on May 14, 2019.