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Designing Clinical Research, Fourth Edition

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Designing Clinical Research has been extensively revised and continues to set the standard as a practical guide for pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals involved in all forms of clinical, translational, and public health research. It presents advanced epidemiologic concepts in a reader-friendly way, and suggests common sense approaches to the challenging judgments involved in designing, funding, and implementing.

New to this edition

Expanded and updated content in every chapter, with new material on:

• non-inferiority trials for comparative effectiveness research

• incidence-density case-control studies

• confounding and effect modification

• diagnostic test studies to inform prediction rules

• ethical aspects of whole genome sequencing

• automated data management approaches

• new NIH grant-writing requirements


Color format, and Electronic access, powered by Inkling™ as a free companion to the text

• viewable through your browser or as a download to tablet or smartphone

• the complete text with optimized navigation

• note-sharing, highlighting, and bookmarking capability

• cross-linking of references and content

• rapid search options linked to the new glossary

Features include:

  • 4 -color design
  • New approaches to sample size estimation, keeping it simple while covering more design options
  • Solution site that includes fully searchable text and sample-sizing calculators
  • Examples and ideas on what’s new in clinical research
  • Exercises that highlight major clinical research issues
  • Treatment of clinical trial design and implementation
Author(s): Stephen B. Hulley, M.D., MPH; Steven R. Cummings, M.D.; Warren S. Browner, M.D., MPH; Deborah G. Grady, M.D., MPH; Thomas B. Newman, M.D., MPH
ISBN: 978-1-60831-804-9
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Softcover
378 pages