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Top 100 Drug Interactions, 2018: A Guide to Patient Management

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This popular, pocket-sized reference book, written by the acknowledged experts in the field, has been updated with hundreds of new drug interaction pairs. The book contains information on over 10,000 individual, clinically significant drug interactions which are grouped by object and precipitant drugs in about 240 monographs. The table of CYP450 and transporter substrates and modifiers includes about 535 drugs and, unlike other sources, includes only data substantiated by human in vivo studies. Each drug interaction description includes a brief summary of the interaction. Unlike most drug interaction resources, The Top 100 Drug Interactions provides clear management options so you can select an appropriate way to avoid potential adverse effects. Over 110 interactions between drugs and herbal products are also described. The index lists drugs by both their generic and trade names for easy reference. The book is updated annually to ensure timely information is always available.

Author(s): PD Hansten & JR Horn
ISBN: 9781987385178
Format: Softcover
198 pages