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Developing Outcomes-based Assessment for Learner-centered Education

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Offering a description of the basics of outcomes-based assessment, this book strives to empower faculty to develop and maintain ownership of assessment by articulating the learning outcomes and evidence of learning that are appropriate for their courses and programs. Readers are offered a guide to the not always tidy process of articulating expectations, defining criteria and standards, and aligning course content consistently with desired outcomes. With a wealth of examples and stories, including accounts of successes and false-starts, the authors use a personal voice to provide a realistic and honest guide to what is involved in the institutionalization of assessment. This is a must-read for faculty, staff, and campus leaders.

Author(s): Amy Driscoll; and Swarup Wood
ISBN: 978-1-57922-195-9
Publication Year: 2007
Format: Softcover
287 pages