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Research Articles and Documents About Clinical Pharmacy Practice

ACCP Publications about Clinical Pharmacy

This area of the web site includes petitions, commentaries, white papers, position statements, guidelines, opinion papers, and other documents of interest. The papers highlighted below may be accessed at this address.

  • Training Clinical Pharmacy Scientists- Recommended Education for Pharmacists as Competitive Clinical Scientists
  • Tenets of Professionalism for Pharmacy Students
  • Development of Student Professionalism
  • Definition of Clinical Pharmacy (Pharmacotherapy paper)
  • Clinical Pharmacist Competencies
  • JCPP Vision of Pharmacy Practice
  • MTM Services and Definitions
  • Pharmacy Practice Research Careers
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s Vision of the Future: Postgraduate Pharmacy Residency Training as a Prerequisite for Direct Patient Care Practice
  • ACCP Student Primer (prepublication draft) Pharmacy Practice Research Careers
  • ACCP Economic Evaluations of Clinical Pharmacy Services: 2001–2005