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Clinical Pharmacy Research Opportunities

Post Pharm.D. Fellowships

For a more research-based experience, a fellowship may be considered. Fellowships generally last two years and are available in a variety of topics and settings. For example, infectious diseases, pharmacokinetics, and cardiology, are some of the many areas a Fellowship can be obtained. Once a Fellowship is completed, a certificate is awarded. For more information about fellowships please visit

Federal- and Foundation-Funded Research Training Programs

The NIH funds a variety of research training programs that can involve research and study, administrative funding for development of curricula for clinical scientists, and even training grants at institutions for pre- and postdoctoral research training.

For general information on NIH information and funding of other programs, visit

FDA sponsored pharmacy graduate-level programs.

University of Arizona
Master of Science in Regulatory Science and Health Safety

University of Florida
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences

Postgraduate Degree Programs

Graduate programs in clinical pharmaceutical sciences has provided pharmacy clinicians to work in a collaborative environment for more than 20 years. Some programs combine Pharm.D.-Ph.D. or Pharm.D.-M.S. programs, but may or may not include clinical research. Coursework in a Ph.D. program can include, but is not limited to biostatistics, drug development and clinical trials, research ethics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, grant writing, and hypothesis-driven dissertation research projects. A Master’s degree program in clinical sciences includes similar coursework, however has more emphasis on grantsmanship, targeting federal and foundation funding.

This following list provides programs for Ph.D. programs in Clinical Sciences; however, is not comprehensive list of all programs currently available.

University of Florida
Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

University of Georgia
Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program

University of Iowa
Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Program

University of Kentucky
Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

University of Maryland
Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

University of Minnesota
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Track

University of North Carolina
Experimental Therapeutics Program

University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Track

University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Sciences Research Program

Virginia Commonwealth University
Pharmacotherapy Research Track

More Information on Research-Oriented Careers

If you are interested in more information about clinical pharmacy research opportunities please consult the resources below.