American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Opportunities to Develop Clinical Skills

What you can do now if you are interested in clinical pharmacy:

  • Understand the profession:
    • Volunteer as a student assistant in the classroom (such as a therapeutics course) while you are a student to help strengthen your understanding and your ability to work with others.
    • Work or volunteer in a pharmacy at a teaching hospital with pharmacy residents.
    • Volunteer in a community pharmacy with pharmacist-run clinics.
    • Shadow a clinical pharmacist as part of your early practice experience.
    • Talk to your professors who currently work or have worked in a clinical area of interest to you.
    • Talk to your ACCP Student Liaison (a faculty member).
    • Visit the ACCP Web site at
    • Find a mentor—this person will be able to assist and help guide you along your career path.
  • Develop your communication skills:
    • Visit nursing home residents—be a good listener.
    • Participate in your college’s ACCP and ASHP events that increase your interaction with patients and other health care professionals.
    • Present a poster at a national meeting.
    • Become a student leader in a pharmacy organization at your school or at the national level.
  • Develop the foundation of your pharmaceutical knowledge:
    • Familiarize yourself with common pharmacy references, journals, and guidelines used in practice.
    • Focus on learning and retaining information for the sake of the future patient, not just for the test.
    • Attend events such as pharmacotherapy group, resident rounds, and journal club.