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ACCP Report - November 2016

ACCP Research Institute Announces 2017 Investigator Training Programs
MRIT is the ACCP Research Institute’s (RI’s) latest investigator training program with a growing record of success. Read the ACCP Report article.
At the Forefront of U.S. Health and Policy: The 2014–2016 National Academy of Medicine Pharmacy Fellowship
In the May 2014 ACCP Report, Dr. Samuel Johnson (now director of Health Policy and Interprofessional Affairs for ACCP) eloquently summarized his main activities during the inaugural Institute of Medicine (IOM) Anniversary Pharmacy Fellowship (see Read the ACCP Report article.
2017 ACCP Annual Meeting Schedule Change
Starting in 2017, the ACCP Annual Meeting will have significant schedule changes that offer new opportunities and additional value for attendees. Read the ACCP Report article.
ACCP Member Spotlight: Israa Fadhil Yaseen
Israa Fadhil Yaseen, BScPharm, BCPS, is completing the fourth and final year of her clinical pharmacy residency at the teaching hospitals of Medical City in Baghdad, Iraq. Read the ACCP Report article.
ACCP Recognizes 2016 Student Chapter Award Winners
Congratulations to the ACCP student chapter at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy for winning the 2016 ACCP Outstanding Student Chapter Award. Read the ACCP Report article.
Announcing the 2016 ACCP-PAC PRN Challenge Winners!
Earlier this year, the ACCP Political Action Committee (PAC) launched the 2016 ACCP-PAC Practice and Research Network (PRN) Challenge to determine which PRNs provide the greatest PAC support. Read the ACCP Report article.
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