ACCP Report

ACCP Report - February 2017

Guidelines for <i>Pharmacotherapy</i> Authorship
Pharmacotherapy occasionally receives inquiries from potential contributors about attribution of authorship. Read the ACCP Report article.
PSAP Releases <i>Endocrinology/Nephrology</i>
Endocrinology/Nephrology, the latest release in ACCP's popular Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program (PSAP), focuses on evidence-based management strategies for disease states affecting the endocrine and renal systems. Read the ACCP Report article.
2017 ACCP/ASHP Oncology Pharmacy Specialty Home Study Syllabus for Recertification Now Available
Offered twice a year, the ACCP/ASHP <>Oncology Pharmacy Specialty Home Study Syllabus for Recertification is a collection of journal articles that focus on advances across the four domains of oncology specialty practice. Read the ACCP Report article.
ACSAP Launches <i>Oncologic/Hematologic Care</i>
Oncologic/Hematologic Care, the new release in ACCP's Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Program (ACSAP), presents evidence-based updates on the management of several common malignancies, practical information regarding toxicities of oral chemotherapy, and recommendations for cancer screening, prevention, and cancer survivor care. Read the ACCP Report article.
Strength in Numbers: Your Contribution to ACCP-PAC Can Help Advance ACCP’s Medicare Coverage Initiative
The political reality is that a legislative initiative cannot move forward purely on the strength of its own merits. Read the ACCP Report article.
ACCP National Resident Advisory Committee Applications Due June 16
p>Are you a resident or fellow interested in becoming more involved in ACCP? Read the ACCP Report article.
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