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Books of Interest
Check out the ACCP Bookstore for member discounts on various research references as well as to guide you toward your full research and scholarship potential.

ACCP Research Institute
The ACCP Research Institute’s mission is to advance pharmacotherapy through support and promotion of research, training and educational programs.
Learn more about how the ACCP Research Institute is continuing its commitment to uncompromising excellence in scholarship, education and research, while expanding the impact of clinical pharmacy professionals across the entire health care community.

Newsletter Archives
Access the current and previous Research and Scholarship newsletters.

Research and Scholarship Mailing List
An e-mail list is designed to facilitate communications between members of a group through the use of e-mail. Any message sent to the e-mail list address will be sent to all members of the group. This is useful for asking a large number of people for information about a topic or informing them of news or events.