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ACCP Medication Optimization Initiatives

ACCP has established a comprehensive set of initiatives that will pursue policy and payment reform to recognize the direct patient care services of qualified clinical pharmacists, for example, legislative and regulatory changes to the Medicare program and relevant sections of the Social Security Act (Section 1861) for comprehensive medication management (CMM), to be a covered benefit under Medicare.

To learn more about these important initiatives, please review the resources below. Click the title to view.

December 2022: ACCP Submits to Senate Finance Committee Urging Inclusion of Clinical Pharmacists in Mental Health Legislation.  
November 2022: ACCP Urges Group of Physicians Serving in Congress to Include Clinical Pharmacists in Mediare Value-Based Care Teams.  
May 2022: ACCP Urges House Energy and Commerce Committee to Advance Pharmacogenomic Consultations by Qualified Clinical Pharmacists.  

April 2022: ACCP Leads Pharmacy Voice among Multi-Stakeholder Public Health Advocates Calling for Public Health Infrastructure Investment:

March 2022: ACCP Comments to Senate Finance Committee in response to hearing - Prescription Drug Price Inflation: An Urgent Need to Lower Drug Prices in Medicare  

Advancing Our Medicare Initiative through Grassroots Action


Without the active participation of ACCP members in the advocacy process, our Medicare initiative cannot succeed. With more than 13,000 members, ACCP has the potential to exert considerable influence on Capitol Hill. But to realize this potential we need the active participation of all our members as grassroots advocates.

ACCP's Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting a Visit of Elected Officials to Your Practice Setting

Hosting a visit of your elected officials to your practice is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to help lawmakers understand what team-based, patient centered clinical practice is all about – and to generate their support for recognition and payment for clinical pharmacists' services.

A comprehensive guide to inviting a member of Congress to tour your practice site is available on our Legislative Action Center. If you would like to discuss the process of hosting a lawmaker at your practice site, please contact John McGlew at (202) 621-1820 or [email protected].

Support Your Profession, Support Your PAC


A well-funded Political Action Committee (PAC) will demonstrate the support within the profession for our legislative initiative and the importance ACCP members attach to moving it forward in Congress.

There are numerous PACs representing various segments of the pharmacy profession, but only ACCP-PAC is dedicated to advancing the practice of clinical pharmacy.

If each ACCP member contributes just $25, ACCP-PAC would raise $300,000. All ACCP members should consider making a donation of at least $25 to ACCP-PAC.

CLICK HERE to support your PAC today!

Contact ACCP's Washington, DC Office

ACCP Washington, DC Office

1455 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20004-1017
202.621.1819 [fax]

John K. McGlew
Director, Government Affairs
[email protected]