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Research and Scholarship Academy


Leadership and Management Academy Graduates
Graduates of the Research and Scholarship Certificate Program, 2015 ACCP Global Conference

The Research and Scholarship Academy is an educational program aimed at developing basic clinical research and scholarly abilities. The program integrates research theory with practical applications while involving the participant in scholarly work early in the curriculum. Participants will be challenged to explore individual professional research and scholarly activity goals in order to make the experience as relevant as possible within their respective professional contexts.

A goal of the ACCP Foundation and ACCP is to advance clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through support and promotion of research and research training. The College believes that one of pharmacy’s societal responsibilities is to generate and disseminate new knowledge about pharmacotherapy. This responsibility includes the conduct of translational and clinical research and the translation of research results into practice-based applications. The Research and Scholarship Certificate Program is designed to contribute to this mission. The primary target audience for the Research and Scholarship certificate program is residency-trained clinical pharmacists who practice in a setting where involvement in research and scholarly activity is an expectation of their position. Although most of these clinical pharmacists will hold clinical faculty appointments with a school or college of pharmacy, individuals working in hospitals, community pharmacies, managed care organizations, or other settings may also be involved in research and scholarship.


The Research and Scholarship Certificate Program curriculum includes 20.0 hours of core modules and 4.0 hours of elective programming. Elective opportunities allow participants to explore several related goals including developing a business plan, establishing leadership skill, consulting, precepting students and trainees in selected practice settings, and developing telemedicine. The core modules consist of the following:

  • Prerequisite Module: Research Primer (4 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 1: Research Basics (4 hours)
    Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Module No. 2: Statistical Issues (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics
  • Module No 3: Extending Your Research Tool Kit (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics
  • Module No. 4: Regulatory and Ethical Issues (4 hours)
    Delivered at ACCP's Updates in Therapeutics

A total of 24.0 hours are required to complete the program. For complete information on each module’s learning objectives, pre-assignments, portfolio activities and mentoring requirements, consult the Research and Scholarship Certificate Program syllabus.

Program Completion Deadline
The ACCP Academy requires all enrollees to complete the program within two years of attending the program’s prerequisite module, the Research Primer.

Certificate Requirements

Research and Scholarship Academy participants must complete required reading, 20.0 hours of required modules and 4.0 hours of electives. Participants must attend the Research Primer prior to receiving Academy credit for any other required modules. The remaining required modules can be taken in any order.

In addition to completing the 20.0 hours of required modules and 4.0 hours of elective modules, each participant must develop and maintain an online electronic portfolio via the online system developed and maintained by ACCP. The electronic portfolio will serve as the guiding and monitoring tool for professional advancement over the course of the Academy program. Portfolio development will be initiated following the completion of the prerequisite module. Completion of the assigned portfolio activities will be required within six months of taking the module and prior to participating in the next module. Although not required, participants are encouraged to recruit a mentor from their own institution to provide guidance and feedback for their portfolio. For more information about the certificate requirements, accessing the portfolio and required reading, view the syllabus.

Note: Participants enrolled before June 2013, must complete 18.0 hours of required modules and 10.0 hours of electives.

Enrollment and Program Costs

To enroll into the Research and Scholarship Academy, enroll online or download the enrollment form. Fees for the Research and Scholarship Academy have been established with today's institutional budget in mind. A one-time application fee of $150 (to offset expenses for online portfolio maintenance) will be charged upon enrollment in the Academy. Other costs include registration fees to the ACCP Spring and Fall Annual Meetings and the cost of publications identified as required reading.

Three-Month Grace Period: Required and elective programming completed three months before enrollment, will apply towards the certificate.

Questions? Visit the FAQs page or contact Jessie Culley