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Residents, Fellows, and Graduate Students

Welcome to the Resident and Fellow section of the ACCP Web site. As a postgraduate trainee, you have the opportunity to benefit from all of the educational programs and resources available to full members, but at a discounted membership rate. You can also utilize the career development and networking tools that will help you reach the next step in your career path.


ACCP Launches On-Demand Letter of Intent Review Service
New service is available for student and trainee members. Learn more.
Take Advantage of ACCP’s On Demand CV Review Service
Postgraduate trainee members of ACCP can now submit their curriculum vitae online and have it reviewed by an ACCP member. Learn more.

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ACCP Podcasts for Residents by Residents

Comments and questions about resident podcasts can be sent to or

Episode 35: ACCP Podcast for Residents by Residents: Paving Your Way in Ambulatory Care
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Episode 33: ACCP Podcast for Residents by Residents: How to stay current with the primary literature.
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Episode 32: ACCP Podcast for Residents by Residents: The 1 Hour Sepsis Bundle.
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