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Welcome to the clinical pharmacy research section of the ACCP Web site. We invite you to review short synopses of a few of our current programs and invite you to join us as appropriate.


ACCP generally issues two annual calls for abstracts to be considered for presentation during its national forums and publication in its official journal. To find out more about upcoming calls for abstracts or to access published abstracts, click below.
Learn more about ACCP abstracts

Investigator and Scholarship Development Programs:

The ACCP, ACCP Foundation, and Pharmacotherapy Publications, Inc. commit time and resources for members to further their development as investigators and scholars. From didactic programming on abstract and manuscript writing and reviewing, to longitudinally mentored research, and hands-on expert guidance on perfecting competitive grant applications. Please see ongoing programs below.

• Focused Investigator Training (FIT) Program:

The FIT Program is an intensive 5-day hands-on program for a limited number of experienced pharmacist investigators looking to maximize their chances of success in the current research funding environment. The ACCP Foundation’s FIT Program focuses on Career Development Awards (K Series) and Research Grants (R Series), or similar investigator-initiated applications for submission to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other major funding source. Click below to visit the Foundation website to learn more.
Learn more about the FIT Program

• Futures Grants:

The Foundation’s mentored developmental research awards designed to provide support for the development of research skills among students, trainees, and early-career ACCP members with a goal of establishing sustained interest and careers in clinical pharmacy research. Click below to visit the Foundation website and learn more.
Learn more about the Futures Grants Program

• Mentored Research Investigator Training (MeRIT) Program:

The MeRIT Program is the ACCP Foundation’s newest investigator development offering, connecting an accomplished ACCP research mentor with a mentee and local advisor. This individualized, longitudinal 2-year program combines face-to-face and virtual guidance and training to developing investigators. Beginning with a 5-day immersion experience, participants will be mentored through research design, data collection, results presentation, and manuscript preparation. Click below to visit the Foundation website to learn more.
Learn more about the MeRIT Program

• Research and Scholarship Certificate Program:

The ACCP Academy Research and Scholarship Certificate Program is an educational program aimed at developing basic clinical research and scholarly abilities. This program is an extension of the previous “Research Training Curriculum” developed by ACCP in the late 1990s. The primary target audience for this program is clinical pharmacists who practice in a setting where research and scholarly activity are expectations of their position. Click below to learn more about this program.
Learn more about the Research and Scholarship Certificate Program

About the ACCP Foundation

The ACCP Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) established in 1995 as the charitable arm of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). The Foundation collaborates with ACCP to improve human health by supporting research, scholarship, and advanced practice.

To learn about all of the ACCP Foundation's programs and services, and how you can get involved, click below to visit the ACCP Foundation website.

Learn more about the ACCP Foundation


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