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"COVID-19 Conversations" Webinar Series

June 04, 2020

The American Public Health Association (APHA) and the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) are hosting a webinar series titled, “COVID-19 Conversations,” delivered by experts in public health, medicine, and emergency care.

The next APHA-NAM Webinar: "Managing Ongoing Surges — Lessons From the Front Lines"
Wednesday, July 29, 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Click here to register.

The last APHA-NAM Webinar: "Reopening Colleges and Universities During COVID-19 — Keeping Students and Communities Healthy"
Was offered Wednesday, July 8 and is available here:

Visit the APHA-NAM webinars page to view any of the webinars and to download transcripts of the sessions.

Past APHA-NAM Webinars:
"Learning to Treat COVID-19 — Clinical Trials and Developing Therapeutics During a Pandemic"
Click here to review.

"The Road to Immunity During COVID-19 — Developing and Distributing a Vaccine"
Click here to review.

"Summer of COVID-19 — Mitigating Direct and Indirect Impacts in the Coming Months"
Click here to review.

"Toward the 'New Normal' Protecting Public Health as America Reopens"
Click here to review.

"COVID-19 and Health Equity — Exploring Disparities and Long-Term Health Impacts"
Click here to review.

"COVID-19 Testing: Possibilities, Challenges, and Ensuring Equity"
Click here to review.

"Crisis Standards of Care During COVID-19"
Click here to review.

"Emerging Evidence on COVID-19 Spread and Treatment"
Click here to review.

"The Science of Social Distancing, Part 2"
Click here to review.

"The Science of Social Distancing, Part 1"
Click here to review.

First posted: 4/12/2020, Last updated: 7/22/2020


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